Number One Shake Product Cocoa Blend Diet Shake + Inulin + microflora

Protein – WPC 80%

The whey protein is one of the highest quality protein. This is used by professional sportsmen to gain and maintain muscle. This protein cannot be compare with milk powder nor soy protein.

Fiber – Inulin

Also known as prebiotic. This is a fiber, which increases the reproduction of the microflora (probiotics), as well as responsible for the domination of good bacteria.

Fiber – Glucomannan in the nature

The glucomannan is extracted from the plant’s corm, which contributes to weight reduction within the context of a reduced-calorie diet in case of consuming 3 gramm daily. In case of consuming 4 gramm daily, it assists to the maintenance of the blood normal cholesterol level.

Price of the 21 components: 

25500 HUF / package