One Year Product Cranberries 320 mg + Black Currant + Inulin + microflora

The cranberry fruit is a plant native in North-America. It has dark red berries through the whole winter. Its pink or purple flowers bloom form late spring to the end of summer and produce fruit in autumn. The cranberry is in the same plant family as red cranberry and blueberry.

The cranberry was consumed for its distinctive scent, refreshing taste much sooner than thought to have a beneficial effect. Presumably in 1621 the Pilgrims consumed it first for thanksgiving feast, but the cranberry sauce became national tradition just after the Civil War. General Ulysses S. Grant thought cranberry sauce is an important part of Thanksgiving. During the battle of Petersburg, in 1864 he ordered cranberries to the troops of the Union. The soldiers liked the previously unknown fruit and its consumption became a habit for them. The settlers has not known about the high C-vitamin content of the cranberry, but it became popular among British sailors, because who consumed those did not develop scurvy. From the beginning of the 21st century the use of cranberries is increasingly common and has become very popular in recent years. The berry of cranberries is consumed raw, dried, as jams, ground info flour and as sauce.

Price of the 9 components:

3 020 HUF / month