One Year Product Curcuma 320 mg + Frankincense + Vitamin E + Inulin + microflora

Curcuma or turmeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant cultivated in India and Indonesia. Its root is canaliculate, inside it has orange, pulpy consistency. In the temperate zone the turmeric can not be grown in the garden. In 1870s chemists have noticed that due to alkali the orange colored curcuma root changed its color to red. This recognition led to the development of “curcuma paper”, after this recognition at the late 1800s they are widely used in chemical analysis as an indicator for acidity and alkalinity. Later the litmus paper took over this role. The turmeric in the European and American cousine is relatively new, but it has a rich history in its homeland India, where its known and consumed for thousands of years. The curcuma’s appearance enriches not only the cousine, but also the herbal medicine. In India’s traditional Ayurvedic medicine turmeric occupies a prominent place: as a symbol of wealth, they thought it cleans the whole body top and tail. The traditional Chinese doctors also used turmeric. Curcuma has been valued for thousands of years in India because of its benefits, so it is not surprising that most research was conducted there, exploring the main ingredient – the curcumin. The turmeric has a pleasant taste and aroma, but taste bitter in large quantities.

Price of the 10 components:

2 820 HUF / month