One Year Product Ginkgo biloba 150 mg + Magnesium + Inulin + microflora

The Ginkgo Biloba, also known as maidenhair tree is one of the most interesting tree in the world, which can live for 1000 years, so these are the oldest trees on Earth. It is interesting, that the pollination is followed by fertilization only in the fallen ovule. In its motherland, Eastern China it has a great religious significance. Typically, the active ingredient, the flavonoid, is extracted from the leaves. The fully-grown, bright green leaves are collected, which are quickly dried, then grind and only its standardized dry extract is applied. The ginkgo biloba is used in the traditional Chisese medicine for celebral cardiovascular problems related complaints. It is called in a Chinese medicine book written in the Middle Age as the “benefactor of brain”. India’s Ayurvedic healers have been associated it with long life and it is said that it was a part of magic potion promised long life. Gingko biloba was brought to Europe in 1730. In the 1950’s it was brought to the western medicine and in 1965 was launched the first medicinal product containing ginkgo. Today it is planted in parks, because it is more resistant against air pollution compared to other tree varieties. In the Far East its sweet seeds valued delicacy, they consume it roasted and salted.

Price of the 9 components:

2 960 HUF / month