Medium-term Product Weight Control Glucomannan + Inulin + microflora

The Glucomannan is an autochthonal plant in East-Asia. It likes the warm and tropical climate, and it is a long, perennial plant, which stems and flowers can be compared to a carnivorous plant. The plant is grown for its corm hidden underground, which can reach up to 23-25 cm diameter. The glucomannan is extracted from this corm, which have been used for its positive and beneficial effects in the Far-East from the VI. century. In the nature it contains minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium. The East-Asian herb has got the nickname of “KILL KILO”, because it is an entirely natural fiber, which can absorb water that is threehundredfold of the plant itself. Due to the water binding capacity the glucomannan contributes to weight reduction within the context of a reduced-calorie diet.

Price of the 10 components:

22 960 HUF  / package